Sometimes it's fun to get away from historiography in order to do a little history, per se.

I have posted my transcription of one Edward Wright's account of a sinister meeting he had with Detective Pinkerton on October 26, 1864 here.

Wright was a former aide to McClellan and Pinkerton conveyed to him that the election was fixed and that the Administration had an assasination conspiracy plot ready to hang around the necks of McClellan's friends if there was any commotion after the election results came in.

Stephen Sears seems to be the only historian aware of this document and mentions it briefly in his Young Napoleon bio of Mac.

Its chillingest sentence is,

"That Mr. Lincoln knew of this interview, and that it was with a desire to befriend McClellan and save him from possible trouble that he had employed him (Pinkerton) in the matter."