I would love to think - and it's a foolish thought - that the head of Miramax Studios is complaining about this blog when he says

the low Oscar-nomination count for "Cold Mountain" was due in part to stories in the U.S. press attacking the moviemakers' decision to shoot the U.S. Civil War drama in Europe and not America.

I will say, I do not know what he is talking about. Every piece of criticism of the Romania shoot that I found in print was linked in this blog and 90% of such press rumblings were indistinct, always muffled by larger contexts (buried in interviews, gossip, whatever).

Outside of this blog, where was the press campaign to criticize Romanian production? How did I miss it?

Weinstein, who jetted in to support the Anthony Minghella-directed story, which opened the Berlin International Film Festival, hinted that there had been a whispering campaign against the production because the filmmakers chose to shoot largely in lower-cost Romania.

Ahhh. A whispering campaign is something else. And that exonerates me. Bloggers don't whisper.

p.s. Weinstein: "I'm proud of 'Cold Mountain' being a European film." And he's proud to be promoting it at the *Berlin* Film Festival by generating a little controversy.