"The Friendly One"

I have the bad habit of picking out an emblematic tendency in some specific writing and then making the author the emblem of that tendency.

This has happened a couple of times with gentlemanly author Michael Aubrecht, who not only runs a conventional website but also a blog (50-50 baseball and Civil War).

I had recently groaned about book review editors letting reviewers run long content descriptions, using one of his reviews as an example. Michael says he was interpreting his editor's guidance correctly. A good rebuttal to my remarks appears here.

It's a new year and I am turning a new leaf; some of you have already noticed it, no doubt. Gratuitous complaints? Insulting insinuations? Out with the old.

When people ask of Civil War blogs, "Which one is Dimitri's," I want the answer to be, "The friendly one!"

p.s. People wanting to complain about my writings have been using the comments section of Eric's and Kevin's blogs to do so (perhaps other people's blogs also). You can complain to me directly at rotobo-x at mailcity dot com.