Military metaphors

I was reading the second edition of the book Death March ("The #1 guide to identifying and surviving death marches...") when it occurred to me how rich the Civil War reader is in business metaphors.

Death March, as the title suggests, is a business book about projects and the author says that anytime he uses the term in a business setting people know exactly what he means.

I started picturing dialogs between ACW readers in the workplace.

Q: Hey, how's your project going?
A: We're advancing on Corinth, only slower than Halleck.

Q: Hey what's this new assignment you've got?
A: Commander of all Quaker cannons.

Q: Hey, how's business?
A: If the competition is Earl Van Dorn, we're Holly Springs.

Q: You finished that project yet?
A: We keep riding around McClellan's army without much result.

Q: Workin' hard or hardly workin'?
A: I'm waiting for my pontoon bridges.

Got any?