Your ACW blogs hard at work

Ethan Rafuse - blogger. Sean Dail - Lazarus of ACW blogging. It's all here.
Eric -claims to be serial Gettysburg tourist.I think there are some Eagles tickets mixed up in this trip.
Drew has a new game out - but can Pemberton win?
Brett has given it up for monster movies. (Brett, Civil War publishing is the bigger horror show.)
Brian Dircks follows the trail of "the story of a man whose lifelong dream is to become a Lincoln impersonator."
Brian Downey terrifies us HTML neanderthals with calls to appply PHP to our ACW sites.
Chris's website takes an eternity to load. (Chris, see Brian Downey!)
Donald puts in a good word for Ken Burns and David Woodbury chimes in.
MNTNEER weighs in on Franklin's restrictions on re-enactor flags. 
Manny swipes at re-enactor uniform dogmas with some personal examples. Reminds me of my own Army uniform transgressions in the same era. Best of all, Manny's post gives me an excuse to link to this cartoon again.