It's Abe-a-licious!

The cryptic mysterion "Rick Beard" has not merited a newspaper article of his own since taking over the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Presidential Library but he is having an impact. He seems to have had a noticeable effect on one of the beverages served by the ALMPL:
I am pleased to report the coffee is downright Abe-a-licious. I had a cup of Swiss chocolate almond-something. Given the authenticity of the museum, I assume it is the type of coffee Abraham Lincoln drank. But the next time I go to the cafe, I am going to take my own cup. I try to avoid drinking coffee from foam cups whenever possible.
Styrofoam? Authenticity, where art thou?

This journalist goes on to profile the cafeteria worker who makes Abe-a-licious coffee: "Ron wears many hats. He cleans tables, sweeps the floor, rides herd on visiting school kids and answers many, many questions about Lincoln."

Absolutely mesmerizing. And "Rick Beard," where art thou?