The end of the Civil War

Fox News ended its evening newcast tonight celebrating the end of the Civil War on this day in 1865. Today is the day of E.K. Smith's surrender in Galveston.

Surprised and pleased? I am. Not because Fox got the date right but because they overthrew the myth of Appomattox.

Here are the possible dates for "end of the Civil War" ...

(1) Appomattox (4/9/65) - Rationale: best hope of the Confederacy surrenders.

(2) Durham Station (4/26/65) - Rationale: second best hope of the Confederacy surrenders.

(3) Mobile (5/4/65) - Rationale: third best hope of the Confederacy surrenders.

(4) New Orleans (5/26/65) - Rationale: last army east of the Mississippi surrenders.

(5) Irwinsville, GA (5/10/65) - Rationale: president of CSA captured.

(6) Washington (5/10/65) - Rationale: Johnson declares armed resistance at an end.

(7) Galveston (6/2/65) - Rationale: last CSA army west of the Missisippi surrenders.

(8) Doaksville, OK (6/23/65) - Rationale: Confederate Indian tribes surrender.

(9) Havana (11/65) - Rationale: Toombs, John Reagan, Breckinridge, and Kirby Smith fail to form a Confederate government in exile.

(10) Liverpool (11/6/65) - Rationale: CSS Shenandoah surrenders.

Do you see how extreme the Appomattox position is? What's your choice?