The blogroll has been updated. Broken links have been fixed.

Key to parenthetical comments:

Inactive: Old stuff visible.
Terminated: Nothing visible.
ex-ACW: Location same, content changed
ex-Blog: Location same, not a blog now

These are new listings, found by myself:
Duane Tate
John F. Cummings III
Michael Lynch

This is one that should have been listed ages ago but for some reason wasn't:
Andy Etman

These are ripped off from Eric Wittenberg's roll, taking advantage of his good nature:
Charlie Knight
Craig Swain
Corey Meyer
Damien Shiels
Dave Powell
Jim Rosebrock
Kraig McNutt
Johns Hennessy et al
Richard J. Bell
Richard McCormick
Sean Heuvel

I was surprised to find a group blog called "Emerging Civil War Historians."

The mission of the blog you are now reading has been to submerge Civil War authors, as many as deserve it. I hope not to rain too hard on the parade of the emerging authors. Steven Wright used to joke that he put his dehumidifier in a room with his humidifier to watch them fight it out. A scene set for tragedy.

A little history: My first post here appears to date from August, 2003. The only ACW blog that existed up until that time was a travelogue in which a guy (Frederic A. Moritz) reported his paddlings around North Carolina following the trail of the Burnside Expedition. It was not an open-ended affair, time wise, and when he reached his last destination, his blog folded. The content tended to be naturalistic travel narrative. The blog is still up here and from the dates, you can see he began and ended posting the month before CWBN was launched.

So I continue to claim that this was the first Civil War blog and it remains the longest-lived one at that. I think that's worth saying once every nine or ten years. Sort of shocking not to receive a continuous string of complements on that, actually.