From yesterdays' inteview link:

We try not to buy land for more than fair market value. If we do, it makes it practically impossible to buy additional land nearby. Case in point -- as much as we want to buy the Mullins Farm at Chancellorsville, the landowner won't sell for fair market -- he wants 6 to 7 times the value of the land.

That was a spokesman for Civil War Preservation Trust in December. The Mullins farm was available in then. April 2nd came:

Mullins sells part of historic farm: Controversial Chancellorsville battlefield site to be developed by one of the nation's largest residential builders.

Sitting on $16 million in assets, CWPT worried about overpaying. The developer was less worried.

Job well done, overpayment was averted. Congratulations to Civil War Preservation Trust for conserving its multimillion dollar operating surplus; for conserving the contributions members have entrusted to it; and for conserving the option of paying fair market rates in the future for property around the new Mullins Farm battlefield housing development.