Here's a mouthful worth chewing:

The Tenth Annual Civil War and American Society Annual Seminar "Antietam in Depth" is presented by The George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, June 24 – 27, 2004 .

Look at this lineup: Herman Hattaway and Tim Reese (plus Gordon Rhea, Kenneth Noe, and Park Historian Ted Alexander).

The tour guides include Mark Snell, Tim Reese, and Tom Clemens. That's an impressive A-list. Mark Snell is Franklin's biographer and is developing an edition of his papers. Tom Clemens is editing for publication veteran Ezra Carman's book manuscript, which Antietam writers have referred to since the 19th Century, but which has never been published. (I have also been impressed by Clemens talking about the Maryland Campaign on C-Span). And Tim Reese has, for my money, the best handle on McClellan's intentions for the campaign. Tim will not only present his important analysis of the campaign, he will unveil an archival discovery that will probably be reflected in every future history of this operation.

The tours include Shepherdstown in the Aftermath of Antietam, the Battles of South Mountain and Harpers Ferry, and the Battle of Antietam.

There are more good people involved, too. See you there.