Dixie Victorious: Chapter 4, Lee finds McClellan's orders

SYNOPSIS | Just for the fun of it, we're going through the scenarios in Stackpole's new offering, Dixie Victorious: An Alternate History of the Civil War (Peter G. Tsouras, ed.). I'll compile my comments on the scenarios and post them Sunday. (Note that the title of this post is a link to the book description on Amazon.)

Chapter 4. "When the Bottom Fell Out"

Lee invades Maryland after defeating Pope. McClellan advancing west from the capital loses a detailed report to Halleck. Lee finds this. McClellan's IX Corps is interecepted in Frederick and Burnside is defeated in detail. The press reports that the entire field army has been defeated. McClellan moves into position to block an advance up the Cumberland Valley. Political pressure forces him to break up the field army to protect various presitgious targets. Lee moves into Pennsylvania, living off the land. "This marked the end of major military operations in the east." McClellan is relieved, replaced in field command by Halleck. European powers offer mediation: Davis accepts, Lincoln rejects after deliberation. The financial panic that set in after Frederick continues. Democrats in Congress authorize Lincoln to seek peace with the CSA. After the financial crisis worsens, Lincoln comes around and agrees to a mediated settlement with Davis by August, 1863.

Tomorrow: A.S. Johnston survives his wounds to manage the war in the west.