Where are the Civil War blogs?

The cyberspace equivalent of pinching yourself is to Google this or that hypothetical. Here's one I test occasionally: Civil War blog. There are a few dead ones around but Civil War Bookshelf seems to be the only live specimen. And so it has been since August.

This surprises me given the amount of pent-up interest in the subject. Case in point: the Belmont Club runs a few Civil War posts ("Magnolia by the Euphrates") and the author's email account blows up from intense overcommunication. He asks people to stop writing him on the Civil War.

(I don't post my email here; I dread the prospect of getting urgent messages arguing points from pop history, or messages defending the public's most beloved authors.)

Well, kudos to Wretchard for giving out his email at Belmont and a word to the people emailing him on the ACW: start blogging. Lots of room in this space.