Chancellorsville land sale - second in a series

The head of the Spotsylvania Planning commission, Bob Hagan, was good enough to write me Friday night about the TRICORD/CWPT/Mullins Chancellorsville battlefield deal as it stands at this moment. I'll do a deal analysis Monday evening as I am awaiting some more input on this breaking story.

The question I posed to Commissioner Montgomery was forwarded to Bob Hagan and it was whether 140 acres of battlefield land to be purchased by Tricord from Mullins would be bought outright from Tricord by Civil War Preservation Trust or whether CWPT would simply get a restrictive use covenant (easement) on that land.

The Washington Post and the Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg have both reported that Tricord would sell 140 acres to CWPT after closing its deal with Mullins. My position, based on CWPT's official statements, has been that CWPT was seeking an easement on the 140 acres.

Mr. Hagan's answer is informative, newsworthy, and contains some interesting deal elements. Without, further ado, here he is to speak for himself:
Mr. Rotov,
The agreement is nearly completed (I have spoken to both Tricord and CWPT several times today) and would include the direct sale of 80+ acres and an agreement to preserve an additional 55 acres currently zoned commercial. The rezoning of the land behind the battlefield will be brought before the Board of Supervisors on November 9th and we expect the final paperwork to be provided for that hearing.

The purchase by the CWPT will occur once the rezoning is approved (hopefully on November 9th) and after a 30 day appeal period that follows. That will allow for the purchase by Tricord (who now holds an option on the land) from the land owner, John Mullins, before the expiration of the option, which is December 31st (and would not be renewed by Mr. Mullins). Once Tricord "seals the deal" they then are the rightful owners and would be able to sell the land to the Civil War Preservation Trust (which Mr. Mullins would not do directly).

I have spent several hours this afternoon (and up until a few minutes ago) working on the project as it relates to road access issues presented by VDOT. This has been an interesting process with as many advances and retreats as any Civil War Battle.

We can all see the end, but we are not there yet.


Bob Hagan
Spotsylvania Supervisor - Courtland District
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