Hood's drug use + historians on drugs = ???

This is a website skeptical of John Bell Hood's drugtaking. Its analysis of the historical method behind claims of his drug use is entertaining and compelling:

Even if untrained in medicine or unread in its literature, historians assume a learnedness in the etiology of pain...

[He runs through some examples of medical posturing.]
Worst, by far, is James Street, Jr.'s speculation in an article in "Civil War Times Illustrated, May 1988." Though he technically hedges on the General's opium use ... Street certainly feels Hood's wounds. "The pain from the stump of his right leg must have been horrendous when he rode strapped to his saddle. The bouncing and jolting, the abrasive rubbing of the stump against the rough cloth of a dressing or pad could not have been endured without some sort of pain-reliever. An opiate was the standard prescription. The drug would have made Hood sleep at Spring Hill while the Federals escaped his trap."

Street's surmise. My emphasis.

It does get piled on thick, doesn't it? Kepp on debunking, my friends.