Mark Grimsley is blogging again

File this one under "ships in the night."

I had been to the War Historian blog several times since it started in December without realizing it is Civil War author and military historian Mark Grimsley's revived blog (shared with one Laura Murphy).

And how did I discover this? Through the Internet's time-tested blind-man-and-the-elephant system of finding things out - in this case, following a link chain out of the blog scouting service called Technorati.

Mark ran an excellent blog previously by using his HTML editor to update a standard web page journal-style. He's got better technology going now and is eminently searchable on Google and such.
A few years ago I heard historian Ira Berlin remark that the difference between history and memory is that history is subject to critical discussion but public memory is not.
Go easy at first. This is 100 proof historiography.