Updates and non-updates

The Franklin (TN) newspaper has gone very quiet for quite a long time on the subject of one of its golf courses being sold to become a battlefield park. We followed this matter with some regularity through fall. Let me note that this paper was recently taken over by a regional publisher. Staff cuts? Meanwhile, the Battle of Franklin documentary is a wrap. It's about the original battle, not the current one.

Likewise, the Chancellorsville battlefield race against the clock in which Civil War Preservation Trust and Central Virginia Battlefield Trust attempt to raise money to conclude a land sale is generating no news stories, no new fundraising letters, and no new press releases. CVBT has posted no updates on its site, and CWPT has not refreshed its only press release on this subject since September.

Fredericksburg's Freelance Star has, however, been running lots of Robert Krick pieces on the battle.