Sherman's General Williams

The turn-of-the-century newspaper columns of Brevet BG Reuben Williams have been compiled and are coming out in what is sure to be an obscure book marked for Indiana distribution only.
He was connected with the important operations and engagements of armies in the Southwest, including the siege of Vicksburg; Jackson, Miss.; Kennesaw Mountain; Mission Ridge Atlanta; Jonesborough; Brentonville; and scores of skirmishes.

He began the war as a lieutenant colonel and ended it as a captain.

He was captured three times by Confederates, always pardoned [paroled] after signing a document indicating he would never take up arms against the Confederacy again. He didn’t mean it. Williams always came back to Indiana, recruited more men and headed back to the front lines.

Incredibly, he returned home after four years of service without a scratch.

Sounds like a very interesting new title.