They brought forth a mouse

A mountain was in labour, sending forth dreadful groans, and there was in the region the highest expectation. After all, it brought forth a mouse. — Phædrus: Fables, iv. 22, 1.

Quite an amusing article in the Springfield State-Journal Register. A 16-year-old youth and his exchange-student buddy got a sneak peek at the new Lincoln museum:
Ben admitted telling his mother that, before arriving in Springfield, he and his friend could not stand visiting yet another historic site. The presidential museum tour changed the boys' attitude. "Definitely," said Ben, 16. "It's really neat."
Sounds like edutainment is teaching a couple of callow youths. But wait:
For Ben, much of the information in the museum was not new. Farid, however, learned that Lincoln was assassinated while he was at a theater.
And how many millions were spent to deliver that insight?