Nous on the beach

The Australians have had another Gallipoli commemoration in Turkey, with 9,000 Australians present.

A respectful crowd at the Gallipoli dawn service was clearly conscious of being good on the sacred battlefields, after last year's controversy over litter, loutish behaviour and inappropriate music.

In other words, people had behaved as if it was America's Memorial Day. Says the governor general:

"We lost a campaign with 26,000 casualties, but had won for us an enduring sense of national identity based on those iconic traits of mateship, courage, compassion and nous," he said. "Let us never forget."

Nous!  How noetic!

nous. mind or reason, both human and divine; intellect; "the place where the human ground of order is in accord with the ground of being"; the intellectual self  

The governor general appears to be a reader of Eric Voegelin's metahistories.