Heitage tourism - funding alibi?

The Candyman has been distributing sweets across three Maryland counties on the pretext that tourists will flock to those counties. This is burlesque at it's finest:
Now the region scarred by the North-South conflict is getting state help on projects including a Civil War-era banjo conference at the Antietam National Battlefield and faux gas-lamp street lighting in Taneytown, where visitors can walk the roads that soldiers took to nearby Gettysburg, Pa., and enjoy gourmet food at Antrim 1844, an antebellum-mansion-turned-bed-and-breakfast.
(My empahsis.)

Worthy grant winners all, no doubt about it, but not exactly tending toward a geographical concentration.

Honey, tonight - the faux gaslights of Taneytown! You remember Roger Taney, (image, top right) of the Dred Scott case? It'll be so romantic. We'll go right after the banjo concert.