Garlands for Detzer

A positive review for Detzer's Dissonance in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the reviewer falls into the trap of assuming we want history to read like novels.

Drew has a slightly different take: "The writing style, with all its descriptive power and boldness, is a prime example of accessible historical writing." And I will always be open to authors describing "Lincoln's early blundering."

Monsters and Critics say: "He critically analyzes the persistent legend that Lee, then a mere colonel, was offered command of the Union forces before casting his lot with his native state." Sounds like my cup of tea.

This utterly incompetent review from the consistently disappointing William C. Davis arouses even more interest in Dissonance. Classic Davis:
No one really wanted the war that lay ahead, but in those 100 days they all found themselves in a box from which there turned out to be no way of escape except to fight their way out.
And I seem to be in a box in which I have to read my way out.