You've been plogged!

Man, this is my kind of post; thank you Brian Downey. Someday mainstream historians will also become interested in the patrons, sponsors, friends, and enemies of military figures.

As long as we are swapping blog identities, let me opine, Brian-like, on his particular topic of digital history.

I logged onto Amazon today and noticed that I had been plogged. I don't know what "plog" stands for except that it seems to be a blog written by an author for Amazon to direct at recent buyers of said author's books. We're connected! Warm and fuzzies and purchases to follow...

The hitch seems to be that these "plogs" are authored specifically for Amazon. The margins of my Amazon page are brimming with clickable images of the covers of Eric Wittenberg's books, but Amazon does not import Eric's blog for feeding into the faces of his book buyers. Ditto for Grimsley-Simpson-Woodworth.

Is this a malfunction or a policy?