Civil War Book News is relocating

I am a little distracted with the folderol of moving Civil War Bookshelf to a new website (not yet active) called civilwarbookshelf.com ... and so posting here has been light.

Good-bye and good riddance to to cw-book-news, a terrible URL concocted in 1997 as the concluding element on a string that ran www.hopewellagency.com/cw-book-news. Some years later I moved it to cw-book-news.com, thinking that was a better URL.

Here's the joke. Dead websites with a lot of inbound links make money for businesses that reregister them with no content but lots of ads. The Tucows empire snapped up my Hopewell Agency URL and has been making money from it ever since. It will be interesting to see who grabs cw-book-news.com.

The Web is a strange place.