New Civil War blogs

They are upon us.

J. David Petruzzi on the Ruhlman scandal: "When you explore this story through articles and links on other sites, you’ll see the comments about Ruhlman’s doctorate apparently coming from a diploma mill (the University of London) ..." This was a good laugh on me because my app to the University of London was recently rejected. I need a diploma mill with lower standards!

Jim Beeghley is "Teaching the Civil War with Technology" and has been at it since July. Sorry I missed him.

Maggie Maclean is running "Civil War Women." Her format features vignettes of lives rather than personal diary entries or reviews. Reminds me of my youth when Dorothea Dix was a particular interest of my father's. We still have a doorknob of hers rescued from the wrecker.

Ron Coddington has a blog called "Faces of War." It's not clear to me if he is reprising his "Faces of War" column from "Civil War News," or promoting a book by the same name. The postings are shorter than a magazine column, so maybe these are works in progress or works that did not get into print.

The Maryland Line CSA started publishing anonymously 10 days ago and is book-centric. "My collection consists of about 1500 books that mostly deal with Confederate units or biographies. I also own a lot of Americana titles that are of Maryland or Delaware interest." I have been researching the war in Delmarva myself in a haphazard way for a few years now.

I'm not sure John Banks' blog is a Civil War blog per se, but he's going through a spell where the postings make it look like one.

(Hat tip to Brett's blogroll for filling some gaps. Sorry if I have missed a few.)