The Lincolns as Virginians

Harry Smeltzer sent me some snaps taken through the window of a bus. The key piece is a sign describing the the Lincolns as denizens of the Shenandoah Valley. I think the picture below shows Jacob Lincoln's house, while the sign is what supplied the transcript farther down.

Conclusions: some Lincolns became Virginians at the same time others chose to become Kentuckians (or something else). Were they war-torn during Secession?

Here's the text - my emphasis is at the end:
In 1768, John Lincoln moved here with his family from Pennsylvnia. His elder son, Abraham, grandfather of the president, might have remained a Virginian had his friend and distant relative, Daniel Boone, not encouraged him to migrate to Kentucky by 1782. Abraham's son, Thomas Lincoln, born in Virginia (circa 1778) met and married Nancy Hanks in Kentucky where the future president was born on 12 February 1809. Nearby stands the Lincoln house built about 1800 by Captain Jacob Lincoln, the president's great-uncle near the original Lincoln homestead. Five generations of Lincolns and two family slaves are buried on the [this?] hill.
Well, well - five generations, and from the looks of the surviving artifacts, not living too shabbily.