In my blog roundup, I forgot to hit the refresh button and got a staleness effect for Richard G. Williams blog. He is not only active, but hyperactive:
I visited your enlighened (most of the time) blog today and was most perplexed to find my blog listed among the recently deceased! How so my friend?!

I have had this month to date: 28 posts, February: 38 posts (the most ever in a month), January: 31 posts, and even during the Christmas month managed to log 18 posts!

I am currently at 443 posts since first establishing my blog since May of 2005 (ok, ok, I got off to a slow start, cut me some slack). I am also listed in CWI's blog update every week. I rarely go more than a couple of days without posting. What's up?
The DUH factor is up - way up. He adds,
The gentelman who was blogging at McGavock Cemetery is now posting regularly at: The Civil War Gazette: http://civilwargazette.wordpress.com/ I think he's doing some fine work there.