Lincoln here and there

Indiana strikes a license plate.

Guelzo praises Goodwin and when asked if Lincoln was a philosopher answers, "A philosopher? No. Not even what we might call an intellectual."

Brian Dirck strikes camp:
The truth is, my blogging has become more sloppy and intermittent in the last few months. I can't blog daily anymore, and I can't keep up with the emails I receive from various visitors to my site. I write in such haste that I can't proofread what I've written. Errors large and small have crept into my work, and I can't accept that.
The poor fellow has been grading his own papers.

These professors who blog, and I say this in kindness, bring in a campus ethic of staff access that has no place here. I refer to leaving comments open, answering comments, taking email from casual visitors and replying to every email with the same grim determination that requires every paper to be graded, no matter how bad.

Note to those who continue: reduce your accessiblity and responsiveness. If time presses, post as rarely and beautifully as David Woodbury. You'll save your blog. Remember why you started it?