New Civil War blogs

More of 'em are a born-in' than a die-in' (said in a W.C. Fields accent).

Novelist Elisabeth Payne Rosen has launched Civil War Deacon; see also the book site for her forthcoming Hallam's War.
I was getting out of a red London Transport bus in front of the Duke of York’s Barracks in London, minding my business and trying to keep my groceries from spilling on the sidewalk, when out of the clear blue sky I was overcome by a single, overwhelming desire: I want to know everything there is to know about the American Civil War.
Excellent. I remember a day in the 1980s when I myself picked up a volume of Battle and Leaders in Princeton University Bookstore, opened randomly to an article by Don Carlos Buell and thought,
Don Carlos who? There's no way I can ever learn everything about the Civil War.
The Franklin Civil War Roundtable has started an active blog and it has an informational bent: "Studying, supporting and sharing information about the Civil War era and contemporary preservation efforts."

Blogging Union Blue is a companion blog to Robert Moore's Cenatua. It's newsy. (Hat tip to Brett.)

Arkansas in the Civil War is a companion to Dale Cox's Florida in the Civil War. Dale tends to present episodes of forgotten history. (Another ht to Brett.)

Civil War Gazette has been published by Kraig McNutt for a couple of years and its postings allow "first-hand participants - both common soldier and civilian - to tell the story of their experience of the Civil War from their perspective."

Rebel Jim's Rebel with a Clue came and went before I could mobilize my attention.

I must start paying closer attention.