A Sesquicentennial for 3 + 2

Missouri has just decided to to form a Sesquicentennial commission. As nearly as I can tell that brings the national total to three, with Virginia and Arkansas having already established theirs.

Have I missed one? We could count Kansas perhaps but their Sesquicentennial commission deals with the founding of the territory, bound up in Civil War history as that may be.

Update, 4/6/08. Jack Dempsey writes to answer my question as to if I missed any:

The answer is two, Michigan and North Carolina.

Michigan's is referenced here...

You'll note that the Governor assigned the responsibility to the Michigan Historical Comm'n rather than create a new one. I happen to have the honor of being a member of the MHC, so I'm thrilled to be involved...

Here's a link to North Carolina's.

As far as I'm aware, that's it.

Ten percent! Anybody got more?