Let’s tour Cold Mountain this morning.

Over here, we have the script review:

Cold Mountain is like its anteceding novel by Charles Frazier in at least one respect. It too drags you for miles through excessive blood and gore for the sake of a mildly satisfactory ending … don't watch the movie expecting a blow-by-blow rendition of the National Book Award winning novel. Characters are modified, characters are taken out, scenes are modified, and scenes are taken out. […] Honestly, this script frustrated me beyond belief. I seriously pondered whether I should stop reading it all together. Basically, I threw my hands in the air and just had to ask, ‘what in the hell is going to happen here... damn it?!?

Over here, we see the Cold Mountain movie discussion board, with an actual review of the preview:

I got to go the premiere last night. I was charmed and enthralled (after literally holding my breath for the first couple of minutes) and thought it was the best investment of movie time I'd made in a while. It was beautiful on every front. And Nicole is just as lovely in person as she is on screen.

Here’s the official site, should you care to visit.

And here’s an official still from this American Civil War movie. It shows the Australian lead actress with the English lead actor in front of a Romanian mountain. The English director is not shown, nor are any of the thousands of Romanian extras.

“Characters are modified, characters are taken out, scenes are modified, and scenes are taken out.” Actually, since the script was written, whole continents have been modified and whole nationalities have been taken out.

p.s. Having reached the bottom of this blog, here's a little prize. It's an unofficial photo of the cast on location.