Well you know, the movie Cold Mountain could not possibly have been filmed in North Carolina:

Minghella said the film could not have been made in North Carolina, where it was set, because the landscape had changed so much since the 1800s. Instead much of the film was shot in Romania.

"When you see the film, you see the landscapes look like the 19th century in a way that nowhere in America looks like the 19th century now," he said.

And yet these pictures of the North Carolina terrain we call "Cold Mountain" tell a different story. Look here and here. This one is a painting but a recent one.

Notice that in this story the director was challenged for not using the Appalachian countryside by Australian journalists. Is there any chance American media reporters will challenge the studio, director, or stars about this?

How about the decision to use a single, solitary American actor (actress really, and that in a supporting role)? How about the decision to use Romanian extras instead of re-enactors?

Thanks Australia. We'll now wait patiently for American media reporters to follow up. Patiently, yes.