Chancellorsville: send for the Kremlinologists

It used to be that you would study the photographs of the May Day Parade reviewing stand in Red Square to figure out what was going on inside the Politburo. Hey, Gromyko is up there with Kosygin! Power shift!

I have been applying the best Kremlinology I can to determining what Civil War Preservation Trust is up to at Chancellorsville. Do they own the battlefield land that Tricord intended to sell them? No mentionon their website of closing the deal.

Clue #1: Central Virginia Battlefield Trust has subtly changed the wording of an appeal on its site. It used to mention a financial deadline of March 31, 2005 in connection with the CWPT/Tricord deal. It now says, it would like to meet its financial commitment to this transaction early this year. Here is the passage I believe has been modified:
The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust has pledged $250,000 as its contribution for the preservation of this land. Half of this amount is due to the Civil War Preservation Trust by December 15th, 2004, with the other half due early next year.
The deadline appears to have been missed, and then the wording altered. The bottom of CVBT's message says "date published: October 30, 2004," however this is static text that could be left in place after changes are made.

Clue #2: An April 3rd article in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star reports on a CWPT tree-planting effort on Chancellorsville land. It mentions CWPT "now owns 140 acres" and that "The Trust acquired the property in December." Again, I have seen nothing to indicate that the deal was consummated; continued fund raising for the purchase by both CWPT and CVBT suggests that cash is needed to close the deal. For instance, on its site, CWPT still says, "Today, CWPT needs your help to raise the $1.25 million we urgently need, so we can finally declare this consecrated land saved forever!"

Will we pierce the Politburo's veil of secrecy? Stay tuned .