"Lincoln and the Railroads"

The Indiana Historical Society is doing a two-day symposium on "Lincoln and the Railroads." "The symposium will address Abraham Lincoln's ties to America's rail industry and his contributions to railroad history." Brochures can be had by calling (317)232-1882.

I assume this is going to be about his pre-war work and not the effects of the Civil War on railroading. As many of you know, Lincoln was McClellan's railroad's lawyer and McClellan alluded to his extensive business association with Lincoln before the war - not that this is anything that would interest Lincolnologists or ACW researchers.

McClellan's great achievment as a railroader was his creation of America's first ro-ro route (roll on, roll off, land/sea). He opened a Chicago to New Orleans link for his company using this hybrid transport system and I assume Lincoln helped to a greater or lesser extent in securing the rights.

But there's nothing more to discover in Lincoln studies, you know.

Having collected details of the specific cases Lincoln and McClellan collaborated on, I dread missing this symposium. I hope there are proceedings. And I hope they keep the Civil War out of this.