Friday housekeeping

Some points of interest.

(1) You can search within this site by using the little search box in the upper left hand corner. Last week it worked well. This week it works poorly. You can also go to the search engine of your choice, type in cwbn.blogspot.com and a keyword, search, and you'll get results from within this blog. I would recommend using Google for the second type of search.

(2) You can link to any post directly by clicking on its datestamp (at the bottom). That causes the post to come up in its own window with its own unique URL.

(3) This is a consumer site concerned with "product" quality. This is not an academic site and I am not a teacher, writer, or publisher.

(4) There are plenty of clues around as to how to reach me if you wish to and I thank those who have taken that trouble. The quality of correspondence has been terrific. Makes me sometimes wonder if I should turn the comments feature on.

(5) I have been asked why I don't activate the comments function on the blog. I am shy of the general run of visitor who blunders into the site in the course of searching for the greatest Centennial history ever written. Also, this blog is for my observations, not for observations about my observations. Start your own blog and I'll even help you, whatever your opinion of this effort.

(6) If my criticism is sometimes overdone, take it with a grain of salt. I regret any unnecessary harshness. A lot of bad history is produced by good people.

Thanks for visiting.