The other Buford

We tend to talk more about John Buford than about his half-brother BG Napoleon Bonaparte Buford (right).

But Ethan Rafuse reminds us in McClellan's War that it was none other than NB Buford who was tapped by Stanton to lead the Army of the Potomac - a fat major general's commission dangled before him - before the start of McClellan's first Richmond campaign. No big deal, N.B. was one of a series of candidates, at the head of which, of course, stands the immortal Ethan A. Hitchcock, a man who did his republic the favor of repeatedly refusing the combat leadership role thrust upon him by Stanton.

Four things intrigue me about N.B. First, his Illinois connections. Second, his supporting player status in the ascendancy of Pope in the West. Third, the rumor that Grant hated or despised him (that is the strength of the emotion some website or other committed to writing). Fourth, the vetting process. I am intrigued as to why Buford's candidacy for AOP commander would be run past Orville Browning, which is what Stanton apparently did.

Seem to be digging myself deeper into a research deficit day-by-day.