Goodwin starts book tour

Author Richard F. Miller mentioned to me that Doris K. Goodwin was having union boycott troubles; a quick news search uncovered a Goodwin news mini-jackpot. Partake with me:

The Boston Globe’s Alex Beam marvels at her "return to polite society" and fantasizes about an interviewer asking her "So, Doris, tell me -- how much of this did you write yourself?" That would certainly be my first question.

In another piece, Beam notes that the striking Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) has targeted Northwest Airline director D.K. Goodwin for pressure. (Goodwin supervising airline management reminds me of the cliche "That's no way to run an airline.")
Rogers [an outside PR specialist hired by the union] says he has printed 100,000 copies of a leaflet titled "The Great Emancipator Meets a Great Prevaricator," which revisits embarrassing episodes of alleged copying that bedeviled Goodwin in 2002. Keith Anderson, the head of AMFA's Boston-based Local 2, says the union's 80 local members will hand out leaflets in Concord, where Goodwin lives, at the airport, and at Goodwin's promotional events. In a letter, AMFA national director O.V. Delle-Femine has informed Goodwin that "we intend to notify a great many interested parties . . . that you are unfit to serve on the Northwest board and should resign immediately."
I wish I had a way to donate to that worthy cause.

You may need an air sickness bag for the next bit, sorry to say.
... in the book-lined living room of her 150-year-old renovated farmhouse in the suburbs of Boston, Goodwin uses just that word to describe the 16th president. Sexy.
Have you ever wondered how far you yourself would go to promote a book? Would you go that far?