Franklin and Mac at the gaps

Tim Reese has some newly posted thoughts on the battles for the gaps on his website.
In reading it, you may want to keep in mind McClellan's plan of having Franklin act as a flying column in Pleasant Valley interposing between Jackson and Longstreet.
"... had he broken into Pleasant Valley while ample daylight remained, he would have thus threatened Lee with isolation before the latter could safely disengage at Turner's under cover of darkness, further 'cutting the enemy in two,' allowing McClellan to 'beat him in detail.'"
I appreciate Mark Snell's undertaking a biography of Franklin, but the man remains baffling. Kearny's correspondence makes reference to Franklin often, repeatedly referring to his great talent (unique praise from Phil). Franklin impresses everyone, always. He begins the war as an adjunct member of the cabinet, acting with McDowell as the Executive's "workaround" for avoiding Gen. Scott. Grant is still seeking his services near the end of the war.
Franklin will always repay more analysis.