Hey, put that down

I'm getting beat up over at Kevin Levin's place. "We don't get what we expect, but we get what we deserve," as the people over at the Daily Reckoning like to say.

I see also that Kevin reports that Maxwell has passed a financial milestone (millstone) that may doom his third movie. And Kevin notes that the often tedious Philip Glass is planning a Civil War opera.

I would suggest he team up with Terry Gilliam for the libretto. If he can ever scare up another buck, I would also suggest Maxwell team up with Gilliam.

In his (fairly awful) Brothers Grimm, Gilliam returned with a vengeance to the explicit antimodernist motifs developed in detail in his Adventures of Baron Muenchausen. If you saw either of these films, you would know exactly what I mean. Gilliam would be perfect to represent to a mass (Northernized) audience the Southern view as developed by the Fugitives.

He's ready for his first ACW movie. Or opera.