Getting a grip

Tales from the Desert has become Cromwell's Warts and there is quite a lot of American Civil War content on that blog. Poster fortyrounder says,
Some day when I'm finally locked away in the padded cell I so richly deserve I intend to sit down and read every good book on the American Civil War that I can get my hands on. For it has occurred to me that, for someone who intends to study the Civil War as a career, I really do not have a good grasp on many of the events, personalities and perspectives that defined the era.
I remember the first time I browsed Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. I thought, "I'll never understand a fraction of this war."

An learned friend recently speculated with me on what it would take just to become reasonably conversant in the Seven Days. He looked at the years he invested in getting a grasp on the Maryland campaign then gave up on the idea completely.