Harney, the precursor

So that's where Brooksher went.

Drew is sounding good when he says Bloody Hill is out of date, sources not so good. I am sounding bad, like a McPherson reader, when I say I don't care too much that it's out of date and that it is innacurate. I like it for the reading pleasure it delivered me based on my personal notions of the correct proportions of civil and military info in an ACW text.

Pay attention to that shadowy figure in Harney's door with the exercise-at-will relief order in his pocket. He's a perfidious, pervasive Northern archetype making his first appearance just weeks after Sumter. Brooksher sees in him a pathology where the Centennialist sees in every relief the agency of Lincolnian meritocracy.

Here's to Brooksher's sensibility.