The Hunley - a hole out of the water?

The State newspaper estimates $100 million has been spent on the Hunley thus far, calling to mind the old saw about a boat being a hole in the water you pour money into.

The article outlines the remarkable involvement of one state senator, Glenn McConnell (shown right). The good senator "he has personally authorized much of the spending of the project's public money in an arrangement the state's comptroller general says is 'obviously outside the framework the state has provided for disbursement of public funds.'"

Note: "The whole scheme involves rivers of underground money flowing to the Hunley from many sources, and the obvious intent is to not let people know."

Is all fair in love, war, and preservation?
as Hunley paymaster, apparently without any clear legal authority. McConnell has personally authorized the transfer of millions in public money from the State Budget and Control Board to a Hunley foundation whose members he has appointed for 10 years. No other lawmaker has such access to state accounts, access the state's comptroller general said is outside the state's normal framework for disbursing public money.
McConnel is a former Democrat turned Republican now drifiting towards the Libertarians.

The Hunley effort, as reported here, suggests that McConnell feels that if people knew the costs involved, they would oppose this project.

Do the means justify the ends in Civil War preservation?