More "Suffering"

The original reviews continue. The Times piece will be syndicated shortly I think; otherwise, no sign of the syndicates. Lots of deep thinkers out there in reviewerland. Enjoy:

New York Times - Simplistic recapitulation - no analysis. The critic insists on inserting family history into the review. Illustrated with Disneyish cartoons.

USA Today - "More than 600,000 soldiers died, nearly as many as the American fatalities in all other U.S. wars."

Rocky Mountain News - "The number of soldiers who died - estimated at 620,000 - was approximately equal to the total American dead..."

Los Angeles Times - "Some 620,000 soldiers died in the Civil War. In proportion to the nation's population, that's six times its death rate in World War II. A similar rate today -- in the Iraq war, for example -- would mean 6 million American deaths."