New ACW blogs

Here they come. New ACW blogs. You thought we were done?

The strangest is Milk after Cereal which alternates a breakfast cereal perspective on the war with poems about specific breakfast cereals. These are not reenactor-approved meals, BTW. The nutritional content consists of empty Centennial calories, sorry to say.

The Blood of my Kindred appears to be a Northron project partly inspired by reading Kevin Levin. A gentle tone serves his polemic well.

Civil War Markers had fallen off my blogroll when my format was changed - now that it's back, Don Hogan seems to be highlighting Civil War quotes more than markers.

Civil War Notebook is rendered as a document medium in which Jim Miller has been presenting letters of late.

Civil War Buff 75, presents highly structured ACW book reports interleaved with journal entries (as such). Les's self interviewing I find as unsettling, ultimately, as poems about cereal.

Civil War Sources is a one document-per-post effort organized around specific topics. It is also an opinion-free zone.

Rene Tyree has moved the Civil War stuff to a new URL. "Wig Wags" features two topics I need to cover here: "Railroad Generalship" and "Were the North and South Evenly Matched on the Rails." Must post on this tomorrow if possible. Expect a new paradigm.

Ten Roads is nicely designed and holds promise. Topically frustrated blogger Sarah (age 16 and calls herself an anachronism) relies on documents to fill her journal entries. She writes well enough to venture beyond that, however.

Keep sending in those boxtops.

p.s. One more courtesy of Eric and Harry: Chris Army has just started Angel Share: Musings of a Bourbon Sipping ACW Student. This one's going to have a Gettysburg tilt.

By the way, I think Chris might agree we should do bourbon rather than milk after cereal. As Shelby Foote commented, bourbon is for daytime, scotch for the evening. Milk, well, he didn't say, but that's for a certain drink imbibed by a dude who abides.