"The Civil War Monitor" - sink it

Oh, a new ACW mag with loads of pictures and pop culture authors presented as scholars! Just what the market needed! Hey, a new piece by Stephen Sears! I wonder what he'll say about the command crisis of August/September 1862 in his article about the same! We have all his books and all his previous articles on the subject and yet we can't imagine!

Kill the mag, folks. Nobody needs this. You're paying your authors to recycle their book material.It's a complete waste and a serious embarrassment to all of you.

Kevin Levin, you're on their masthead, straighten them out.

Softie that I am, I have added the mag's ancillary blogs to my blogroll nevertheless. The book review blog is needed. Here's a Reardon review: it's absurd and the absurdity smacks of the general editorial stance of the mag. Let it be published anyway. (We bloggers are nothing if not magnanimous to each other. Cyber hug!)

Their other blog is a potpourri. Take a look at this post and ask yourself, who wants this? What purpose does it serve? Couldn't you write a post listing and linking to your favorite accounts of the battle and what each has to offer? Apparently not. No need for that. That would be value added and uh whatever. Let's recap the battle with no credit to sources.

Didn't mean to harsh anyone's mellow but more of the same old ACW should be no one's favored beverage.