Vampire killers are rotten

When I checked yesterday, Rotten Tomatoes had AL:VK at 42% critics and 75% audience.

Just now, it stands at 35%/62%.

By the time you click the link it will have declined further.

Meanwhile, Box Office Mojo reports a gross just over $21 million while The Numbers (citing Variety) proposes an outlay of $70 million.

Heads will roll, so to speak. There will be blood. There is no silver bullet that can save this film. But cinema has a strange afterlife, irrespective of sales.

"Lifeless eyes with no reflection / We may die but he'll go on / Nosferatu!"

OT, if you like looking at data, you may also find this generally interesting.

p.s. Remember that Cold Mountain was shot in Romania and that actors posed in front of Dracula's castle.