I don't normally run press releases verbatim, but this one merits special treatment:

The Kent State University Press is pleased to announce that 2004 marks the 50th anniversary of the Civil War History journal. Since its inception in 1955, Civil War History has provided a forum for groundbreaking scholarship about the Civil War era. It has been and continues to be the preeminent journal in the field.

We are celebrating this milestone with special anniversary features throughout the 2004 volume year, including articles from former CWH editors James I. Robertson and John T. Hubbell and a piece by advisory board member Drew Faust, “Why Do We Care About the Civil War?” The final issue in volume 50 will include reprints of the best articles from the past 50 years, selected by Civil War History’s editorial advisory board, and introductory comments from eminent historians. All in all it will be a grand occasion in celebration of Civil War scholarship. We invite you not to miss out by subscribing to the journal today!

It's not a cheap subscription (see link, above), but Civil War scholarship is terribly rare and this is a journal - an actual academic journal in a field grossly contaminated with the worst that pop culture has to offer. (Is that too harsh?) Here's a link to a representative article, one which I enjoyed very much: McClellan and Halleck at war: the struggle for control of the Union war effort in the West, November 1861-March 1862.