When last we left the Lincoln Library, an ex-governor had been appointed to the fundraising arm of that body and we asked ourselves, is this a sweetheart deal or will he actually have to raise money? The latest news has the current governor carrying some water for him in a meeting with Illinois federal representatives: "The Governor is seeking federal help to transform the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum into a fitting tribute to one of the greatest leaders in our nation’s history."

Was this actually the game?

* Put an acceptable face on the Library: Richard Norton Smith,
* Load the Library with recipients of your political favors,
* Have the feds pay the bills for your patronage outlet.

Pretty slick. Kind of like the Big Dig, but with no ending dates and no deliverables. Illinois reps may best their Mass counterparts in the political arts.

Lincoln spent a lot of time on patronage; perhaps the writer (linked above) has this in mind when he refers to "a fitting tribute."