Civil War book sales 2005 - prelude 2

Having gathered some mid-year sales data on ACW titles, I notice a general weakness in the market; I'm testing that conclusion by casting my net a little wider and looking at the newest titles to see if I am missing some part of the sales action.

This apparent softness cuts across all lines - nonfiction and fiction, megastars and new names. The effects on some Centennial doctrine standard bearers have been pronounced - Sears in particular. McPherson's case is also well worth revisiting.

Have a look at the best selling B&N titles for "Civil War." Skip past the novels, the summer specials, and the special discount editions and the first contemporary nondiscount nonfiction narrative is Shelby Foote's Civil War. After that, coming in at position number 58, Is Winik's April 1865. (Detzer's Allegiance is in the neighborhood but is on clearance.)

You have to get close to the hundredth place before new nonfiction titles start appearing. Even Battle Cry of Freedom is MIA.

Gory details start on Monday. Here is the previous post in this series.