Friday housekeeping

It's been two years since this blog was launched; I don't believe I've yet missed posting on a non-holiday weekday.

Blogger used to give a statistical summary in the profile section - number of posts published and number of words to date. It no longer does. When I last checked, months ago, the blog was approaching 250,000 words. Maybe a new War and Peace should have been written instead.

Nevertheless, if a keyword search has brought you to this site, chances are the topic has been covered before. Search the site itself as described in item one, below, and you probably won't be disappointed.

Some points of interest.

(1) You can search within this site by using the little box in the upper left hand corner of any page.

(2) You can link to any post directly by clicking on its datestamp (at the bottom). That causes the post to come up in its own window with its own unique URL.

(3) This is a consumer site concerned with "product" quality. It's also concerned with the product quality of "public history" in its various forms.

(4) There are plenty of clues around as to how to reach me if you wish to and I thank those who have taken that trouble.

(5) If my criticism is sometimes overdone, take it with a grain of salt. I regret any unnecessary harshness. A lot of bad history is produced by good people.

Thanks for visiting.