Convergence in Franklin

Kevin Worley (right), publicizing the new documentary "Battle of Franklin: Five Hours in the Valley of Death" was good enough to respond to a recent posting here by pointing to more information in a press release.

The release (issued by Wide Awake Films) points to a convergence of interest that might develop from the film complementing the as-yet unpublished bestseller Widow of the South, a Battle of Franklin centered novel. (In May, when we checked in on Amazon sales they were low. The preorders have since hit 200,000, according to Wide Awake. Widow is the author's first novel.)

Meanwhile, filmmakers and author have teamed up to help reclaim the battlefield from Franklin golfers.

(p.s. The Wide Awake site has a variety of ACW documentary clips to browse. Go here and notice the Demo Reels control panel at left, then scroll down within that panel to the Museum/Documentary section.)